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2020: The Year of the Cougar?

I have written before about my preference for older men. And I think that is still true in relation to a lasting relationship. However, I have been thinking, fantasising even, how it would be to have a younger man to attend to my ever-present sexual desires. As much as I like older men, like anything

White T Shirt

I’m not really into wearing pale colours: my preference is for bold and dark; I don’t even have a single item of underwear that isn’t dark in colour. I have one summer top that is cream with motifs, but until recently that was my token pale item of clothing. I decided to get a white

Reflecting Light

This unusual structure is a radio telescope:  ‘We use radio telescopes to study naturally occurring radio light from stars, galaxies, black holes, and other astronomical objects. We can also use them to transmit and reflect radio light off of planetary bodies in our solar system. ‘ National Radio Astronomy Observatory It was such a beautiful