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The Summer 100 challenge ends today, and I have left it virtually until the last hour to post in the final round. August has been a very busy and very stressful month, which meant that my blog and Twitter have not been a priority for me. However, I do not like to fail at anything,

Review of the Doxy 3

As a longstanding Doxy enthusiast, I am very attached to my  purple  original Doxy massager.  Over the years, it has given a huge amount of fun and numerous toe-curling orgasms to both me and my lover, but I will admit that occasionally I found it a bit cumbersome and noisy. Nevertheless, those issues were a

The Importance of Cunnilingus

For the last week, I’ve been pondering over what to write regarding oral sex for the Summer 100 challenge. Oral sex is something that is incredibly important to me, and was one of the first subjects I tackled when I started my blog back in 2015.  I have quoted the first part of that post