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The Importance of Cunnilingus

For the last week, I’ve been pondering over what to write regarding oral sex for the Summer 100 challenge. Oral sex is something that is incredibly important to me, and was one of the first subjects I tackled when I started my blog back in 2015.  I have quoted the first part of that post

An Update on the Elephant in the Room

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post regarding lack of sex in marriage. This problem was am elephant in the room for me. It seemed to make an impression on many people, as I received an overwhelming number of comments, tweets, DMs and emails from others willing to share similar stories. Thank you to everyone who contributed. Particular

A Matter of Taste: Oral Sex

I recently had to attend a dentist appointment and, as frequently happens, the dentist was running considerably behind schedule. Having exhausted my Twitter feed on my phone, I picked up a recent  copy of a magazine aimed at young women and flicked through the usual inane adverts and articles. I am not usually interested in most of