A Good Book

This is the first time that I have taken part in the ‘new’ Food For Thought meme. This week’s question asks “Tell us about that ONE BOOK that you have read loads of times. The book you could not do without in your bookcase. Kinky or not”. I did write a few years ago about

Review of The Insatiable Jane Travers

The Insatiable Jane Travers is an erotic FFM story and is the debut novel from Isabelle Lauren. The year is 1926, and Jane Travers is spending the summer at the house of an old family friend, Rachel. Jane is an orphan, having lost her parents five years previously and since then she has lived with

Cum Tributes

Cum tributes, aka a “sop”, are a form of online sexual activity that involves one individual printing out a photograph of another person then masturbating and ejaculating onto it. This can be done by anybody, regardless of what genitalia they have, though the vast majority of content out there consists of cum tributes from people