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Reflecting Light

This unusual structure is a radio telescope:  ‘We use radio telescopes to study naturally occurring radio light from stars, galaxies, black holes, and other astronomical objects. We can also use them to transmit and reflect radio light off of planetary bodies in our solar system. ‘ National Radio Astronomy Observatory It was such a beautiful

A Good Furtle – 24th February

“Noun furtle (plural furtles) (chiefly Britain) A cursory examination of the contents or details of something. quotations  Verb furtle (third-person singular simple present furtles, present participle furtling, simple past and past participle furtled) (chiefly Britain, intransitive) To gently delve; to probe or rummage tentatively.” Source: Wiktionary       Click below to see more amazing images

Licking Cock

This is the photo that I used to create last week’s weird image for the Transmogrify prompt. From one cock to four…   See who else is being sinful this Sunday by clicking the button below If you get pleasure, or have pleasured yourself, from looking at my photos and reading my blog, please consider


As it’s the first Sinful Sunday in the month, that means it’s prompt weekend. The prompt for November is transmogrify. Transmogrify is a new word to me, and it means  “to change in appearance or form, especially strangely or grotesquely; transform”.     See who else is being sinful this Sunday by clicking the button below