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Naked By The River

I never knew until recently how breathtaking the scenery around the River Tyne is. I really wanted to see a salmon leaping out of the river but, despite being very patient, I never spotted one. See who else is being sinful this Sunday by clicking the button below If you get pleasure, or have pleasured

Minimalist and Clothed

The Sinful Sunday prompt for May is ‘Wheel of Photography’. This consists of two wheels: one containing styles or  technical aspects of photography, and the other containing additional elements. The participant spins each wheel to be allocated a style and an additional element, which then form the basis of an image. I got ‘minimalist’ and ‘clothed’.


This was completely unplanned and involved a mad dash to get my phone to grab  a picture before he finished his shower. But, for a few seconds, I enjoyed being a voyeur   See the other Sinful Sunday participants by clicking on the lips .