2020: The Year of the Cougar?

I have written before about my preference for older men. And I think that is still true in relation to a lasting relationship. However, I have been thinking, fantasising even, how it would be to have a younger man to attend to my ever-present sexual desires.

As much as I like older men, like anything that is ageing, not everything works as it should do all the time!  I know that S would enjoy watching me entertain a younger man, and I’m sure that I would enjoy the attention of two men again, having had the delight of this on a number of occasions. Although, when I say enjoy the attention of two men, I think it would be equally enjoyable if there were perhaps two or even three younger men on hand just to make sure that I enjoyed myself properly. Or maybe I’m just being greedy!  I think late twenties to late thirties would be ideal, not too young nor too old…

Now I am of a certain age, I am much more sexually confident and have a much higher sex drive than I did even as little as five years ago. I can definitely see why older women do take younger lovers as it has great benefits for both parties.  Like many older women, I know what I like and what I don’t like, and I’m sure younger men would learn a great deal about pleasuring women and what to do and not do.

I remember watching a television programme a while back: Michael Portillo‘s Great Indian Railway Journeys. He visited Shimla which, historically, was popular with older ladies who visited, without their husbands, to take advantage of all that the local younger men had to offer! This stuck in my mind, and I can understand why the ladies used to make those trips.

Maybe this is a project for when life returns to some sort of normality.. Will 2020 be the year of the cougar?


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