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Cum tributes, aka a “sop”, are a form of online sexual activity that involves one individual printing out a photograph of another person then masturbating and ejaculating onto it. This can be done by anybody, regardless of what genitalia they have, though the vast majority of content out there consists of cum tributes from people with a penis (which is a shame because some squirt tributes from people with a vagina exist too and are also great)!

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When I joined Twitter back in 2014, I had never heard of the expression ‘cum tribute’.  That was soon to change.  I was quite aghast when I realised what was involved, and the thought of it made me feel quite odd. And not in a sexy way.

I saw many men on my timeline asking women if they wanted a tribute.  And getting consent is obviously important; sending an uninvited cum tribute is worse than sending an unsolicited cock picture. On a few occasions I did get asked if I wanted a tribute and I always politely declined. It’s really not my thing. If I did agree and subsequently received a tribute, I don’t know what I would say to the contributor. I couldn’t lie and say it had aroused me, because it wouldn’t. I’d feel disingenuous if I said thank you.  In reality, probably what I would like to say is that it had freaked me out and made me feel uncomfortable.

As I’m writing this, I am wondering whether I would feel the same way if I received a tribute from someone I had sex with and had a close connection with. I think I might be more open to the idea.

I post images on Twitter and this blog because I want to and it increases my body confidence and I feel more desirable. If my images and posts provide a thrill and are a turn on to others then that’s an added bonus, and if my images provoke a need to masturbate then that’s great too. And I don’t mind being told, but I don’t need or want to see proof of your arousal.

However, I do actually like watching a man orgasm and find it quite arousing. But that is in a situation that I choose to be in rather than one that is orchestrated by someone else. Watching men stroking their cocks and bringing themselves to orgasm is a turn on for me. I love to see the way the cum erupts with force from the tip of his cock while he convulses in ecstasy until his balls are completely empty. And if he wants to shoot his load over my body then even better. But, again, it has to be my choice. And I’m not averse to the idea of  bukkake, but not on my face please!

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