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Pick five blogs that you follow at random and tell us what it is about them that you particularly enjoy. How did you find out about them?

Feel free to tag the bloggers that you chose above and let them know.

Pick five posts/pages from your own blog that you are particularly proud of and include the links in your post.

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Sex Bloggers for Mental Health (SB4MH)

SB4MH provides a safe and supportive space for  bloggers that write about sex to also blog about mental health issues. Mental health issues often affect our sex lives as well as having a wider impact on our day-to-day existence. Mental health covers such a broad spectrum of issues – all of which can be shared on SB4MH

A weekly prompt to aid inspiration is usually given, but following this is not compulsory and you can write about whichever topic you choose. A resource section is also included which links back to posts that cover key topics such as grief, anxiety, depression, menopause and relationship problems.

I am full of admiration and respect for anyone that has the courage to write about mental health issues. So many people are critical of others with this type of problem and unfortunately there is still a stigma attached to mental health. Kudos to SB4MH and all those who submit their posts!

Scavenger Hunt (Pieces of Jade)

‘The Scavenger Hunt is a list to inspire more and better dares of places to flash, be exhibitionistic, show body parts, and let it all hang out!’

The quote above sums up the Scavenger Hunt well! A list of suggested  locations is included on the site, but you might discover a location that isn’t listed!

I became aware of the Scavenger Hunt quite soon after joiningg Twitter five years ago. I was really keen to take part as I knew it was ‘my kind of thing’! However, back then I had to try and take my own pictures, and I managed a few, one being this, But, having a photographer certainly makes life much easier and more fun

The Scavenger Hunt is tremendous fun, and no one enjoys it more than Modesty Ablaze who continues to delight us each week with her fun and cheeky images.

I thoroughly enjoy the challenge of the Scavenger Hunt, and the thrill of getting that cheeky image!

If Sex Matters

May is an energetic, talented and creative writer who is not afraid to tackle taboo subjects in both her fiction and non-fiction writing. She also produces amazing and imaginative images.

Isabelle Lauren

Isabelle is another talented writer of thought-provoking fiction and non-fiction. I like her no-nonsense, straight-talking style of writing, and I never fail to be impressed at what I read.

Food For Thought Friday

Yes, that is the blog that set this question! I have been participating on and off in the F4TF questions since the blog’s inception. The questions that are posed are always interesting and certainly make you think carefully. Reading the other participants’ responses is always interesting as everyone interprets the question in different ways. Coming up with a different question each week is no mean feat and I know that suggestions for new questions are always welcomed!

The next part of the question asks us to list five of our own blog posts.

The Importance of a Blowjob

This is by far the most popular post that I have written, and has  had three times more views than any other. Other posts that I have written on oral sex have also proved very popular

Selling Worn Knickers

This is the second most popular post, and is one that I was actually dubious about writing as the subject is somewhat taboo. Yet, my last dip into Google Analytics showed that there were 22 different permutations of keywords involving ‘knickers/ panties’ and,’worn, used, dirty, buying and selling’ used to find this post. So, taboo it might be, but it’s a subject that people want to read about.

Naked in the Forest

This is my favourite image from my blog and is the most popular image viewed on the site. One day, I intend to get a print of this for my wall.

Body Confidence

This is one of my very early posts from this blog. It provided very popular, and I received a lot of support and encouragement. My body confidence is always up and down, but I remain fiercely passionate about all bodies being beautiful and learning to love our imperfections.

Elephant in the Room

This is a post from four years ago, and it was a very tough subject to tackle and write about. I look back and wonder how I found the courage to tackle the issue: I certainly would not have that courage now. However, thanks to inspiration and support from  other bloggers and Twitter, I managed to make the changes that were needed, and which probably would not have otherwise happened.


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