Take a story you have written, or a short blog post, or maybe even a tweet and…   elaborate

It’s quite some time since I last wrote a ‘proper’ blog post. I’ve been absent from blogging and Twitter since the end of February. This has been for various reasons, one of which is losing confidence in sharing my nude/semi-nude images.

Self-doubt kicked in towards the end of February. I had all of my images for the February Photo Fest lined up and ready to auto publish, but at the last minute I had a panic and changed a few to less revealing images. I don’t know what prompted this doubt, but the mages concerned all showed my fat belly.  I felt embarrassed and ashamed of myself.

I have been sharing images that show my belly since I joined Twitter five years ago. My newly found doubt is quite irrational, as I have never had anything other than kind and supportive comments.   Body Confidence is one of the first posts that I wrote on this blog, and I discuss how I found the confidence to show a body that I was ashamed of.

When I see images of other larger ladies, my thoughts are always positive, focusing on  how beautiful and sensual they look, yet I rarely see that in my own images; it’s now time for that way of thinking to change.

The images below are two that I shared on Twitter in my early days, and have appeared on this blog before. However, I wanted to use  them in this post as although they clearly show my belly, I actually quite like them, and they are a reminder to me that fat does not equal unattractive.

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