It’s been several weeks since I posted any new blog content. This has been for a number of reasons.

  • Life has been turbulent.
  • I’ve had no inspiration or enthusiasm for creating new content.
  • Writing about sex and taking erotic images have not been a priority.
  • I lost confidence in taking images of myself.
  • I had major problems with my web host in early March. They moved all of my content to a new server, but failed to carry out a couple of vital tasks to ensure everything moved as it should. Numpties. This meant that I lost several of my blog posts, including associated comments. The numpties also wiped any back ups.

The website problem was the catalyst for me taking a long break from Twitter and blogging.

I have now managed to recreate the missing posts, so apologies to  subscribers who have received email notifications about previously seen posts from February.

The problem created by the web hosting company also meant that I lost other behind- the-scenes data from the site. If you have previously unsubscribed from my site but have received this message, then please accept my apologies and please do unsubscribe  again.   The latest subscriber list was wiped by the web hosting company, and a previous version reinstated.  Obviously, this was beyond my control. And, if you have received this message and are happy to stay on board, then thanks awfully for your support!


aitoff / Pixabay

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