Anxiety and Sleep

Sex Bloggers for Mental Health is a meme run by Sassy Cat and May More that provides a supportive place for sex bloggers to discuss mental health and sex issues, which are matters that often meet head on. The website has this wonderful quote:

Knowledge is power. The more we share, discuss and listen the better we understand. Learning from each other, giving each other peace of mind. Supporting each other, letting them know they are not alone. 

The prompt for week 9 of the #sb4mh is Sleep.

Sleep is something that we can’t live without, and a good night’s sleep can make so much difference to our mood, alertness and health. Yet, all so often, we are deprived of the ability to sleep properly.

I have always been an early riser; I may not get out of bed as soon as I wake, but more often than not, I am awake between 5 and 6am. Very occasionally, on a good day, I might sleep until 6.45am. If I’m unlucky, I’m awake before 5am.

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I rarely have a problem dropping off and am usually asleep within a couple of minutes of getting into bed, even if I have things on my mind. However, it’s rare that I can sleep through the night without getting up to visit the bathroom at least once, although I usually drop off again fairly quickly.  But, if I have problems that are bothering me,  I often wake in the middle of the night with  feelings of anxiety washing over me, and I find it difficult to get back to sleep. I have been feeling very anxious over the last couple of weeks, which has obviously had an impact on my subconscious during the night, meaning interrupted sleep. Problems always seem to be much worse during the night, and I find that anxiety likes to get a tight grip between 3am and 4am: I call this the ‘black hour’. I do usually eventually drift back to sleep with the aid of a couple of paracetamol, but it’s often after 5am and I only sleep for another hour, so it’s not good quality sleep. When I do wake up ‘properly’ it takes a while for me to get rid of the lingering feelings of anxiousness, which is not a good start to the day. Thankfully, I do usually average 6-7 hours of sleep per night, and the anxiety-ridden sleep pattern is not too regular.


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