Frills and Frippery – 26th February

I have a few ‘Bardot’ style tops in my wardrobe – I have liked that style for years, but only bought my first one a couple of years ago.  However, as I only had conventional bras, I had to wear them without a bra. I didn’t really like doing this as I have fairly large boobs and there is no support, plus my nipples are always very obvious if I don’t wear a bra: this makes me very self-couscous. The tops are just for occasional use, so I didn’t feel I could justify the expense of a strapless bra that would be worn infrequently.

Last summer, I decided to see if I could find a strapless bra that didn’t cost the earth. I was delighted to find a multiway bra in an online sale at £8, which is an absolute bargain. I was amazed to see that  it was available in my size, too. The only problem was that I wasn’t keen on the frill as I thought it was too fussy.  I planned to cut if off, but when I tried it one I decided it could stay…



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Lingerie is for everyone

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