A Nude Photo Expedition – 25th February

This image was taken during our first nude photo expedition. Before this day, we had taken other outdoor semi-nude photos, but they were a very quick flash rather than a series of images.  The location was perfect: a quiet area of pretty woodland with just a few dog walkers and a couple of cyclists passing through the secluded trails.  We found an ideal spot that was enclosed on three sides and adjacent to the main path. No one was in sight, and S told me to take off my dress and underwear, which I did very quickly. We managed to get several photos before deciding to move on in case someone appeared. I didn’t  bother with my clothes, and just covered up with my coat so it would be easier to get more photos.

nude photo expedition

The path continued under a railway bridge, where we managed to get a few more photos. It was a quiet local line with infrequent passing trains, but there was a storage yard perched on top of a bank overlooking over the path. I knew there was a chance I might be spotted if someone came near the fence of the storage yard, but I felt quite liberated and carefree by my nakedness!  I was now well and truly enthused to get more photos. We continued along the path, which changed direction to run alongside a river. This made a perfect backdrop for more photos, but a couple of cyclists and dog walkers appeared meaning it was awkward to continue.

When we returned to the car, I opened my coat by the entrance gate so S could get some more images. Just as I buttoned up my coat, a couple of lads on off-road motorcycles appeared, so we had definitely picked the right moment to get our images.

We both found our nude photoshoot very exhilarating, but also arousing. The peacefulness and beauty of the surroundings made me feel very comfortable in revealing all.  When we returned to the car, I grabbed S’s hand and put it between my legs so he could feel just how aroused I was. By now, the sky had darkened and large spots of rain were falling onto the windscreen, so it was definitely time to go. As it was lunchtime, we stopped at the motorway services to get a sandwich, which we ate in the busy seating area. I was amused to think that I was surrounded by dozens of people, all of whom were oblivious to the fact I was naked under my coat. We had actually travelled over the Pennines for S to make a couple of business visits; the first one was completed before our photoshoot, and the second was done with me sitting in the car, still naked under my coat, with lots of guys backwards and forwards past the car. If only they had realised…

Our return journey was spent with S frequently putting his hand between my legs to check that my cunt was still wet.  And, of course, we bot were desperate for orgasms when we eventually got back…

Outdoor erotic photography is great fun, and a hugely arousing experience, and one which I certainly recommend!

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