A Concealed Bullet – 11th February

concealed bullet

This image was taken last year, and I was going to call it ‘Freckles’, as my freckles look very prominent. I then spotted that I was clutching a bullet vibrator in my hand, so I thought it was an ideal image for Masturbation Monday!  There is also a glimpse of  another sex toy just in the top of the image.


Update for Kink of the Week – Mutual Masturbation

After publishing this image for Masturbation Monday, I realised that adding in my thoughts on mutual masturbation for Kink of the Week would fit in with this image perfectly .

Mutual masturbation is one of those terms that has always puzzled me slightly. I could never decide whether it meant touching another person at the same time as they touched you, or if it meant masturbating alongside another person. And, until I read Molly’s introduction to the topic, I hadn’t even considered that the definition of mutual masturbation might include one person watching while the other person masturbates.

As I have explained previously in my post on erotic massage, penetrative sex doesn’t really feature much as part of my sex life. My orgasms either come from oral sex or from sex toys.  S does occasionally use a sex toy on me, but most of the time I am in command of the toys, as I can better pinpoint the toy for optimum pleasure! He likes to watch me playing, and either massage my breasts or suck my nipples while I am occupied with the toy. The image above was taken in the throes of a breast massage and before the bullet was put to use…

When it is his turn for attention, I usually massage his cock or give him a blowjob; however, I do like to watch him playing with his cock as I find it very hot, but I think he is a little shy at performing in front of me. The response I usually get is ‘it feels better when you do it…’!

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