Naked by Gates – 6th February

The theme for this week’s Wicked Wednesday is ‘social media inspiration’ and, of course, it is FebPhotoFest, too.

For most of my adult life my body confidence was non-existent, and I felt unattractive and undesirable.  I stumbled across the sexy side of Twitter quite accidentally following a retweet of a sexy image into my ‘normal’ Twitter account. Although I am very broadminded, I was genuinely and naively  surprised that such things were allowed on social media! I investigated further, and the seed was sown for my alter ago, Miss Scarlet.   I started sharing tasteful erotic images of myself on Twitter in spring 2014, but since the beginning I wanted to do more than just share photos. Once I explored Twitter more deeply and followed more accounts, I discovered blogs such as Molly’s Daily Kiss, Sex Blog of Sorts, Modesty Ablaze, and Rebel’s Notes, which all helped to inspire me and improve my confidence, and I subsequently started this blog in April 2015. Without being inspired by Twitter, other blogs and memes such as Scavenger Hunt,  Miss Scarlet wouldn’t exist, and I wouldn’t have the confidence to share erotic images of myself.  My life also has changed significantly, and this would not have happened had I had not been inspired by social media.

This image of me posing naked by gates is not artistic, nor has it been edited other than to blur my face. And, yes, I do have a fat belly. It is, however, a perfect example of how social media has inspired me to be confident enough to show my body in public, and to do something that is fun and gives me a thrill.


naked by gates


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