First things first – I am definitely in the knickers camp; the term panties makes me cringe. The word pants is OK and I do sometimes use this term myself; however, that is only in place of the word knickers and is definitely not as an adjective to describe something as bad.


My underwear drawer is full of knickers of many colours and styles. I don’t like to wear pale colours, so my knickers are mainly black, with some blue, red and multi-coloured pairs in there, too. I like my knickers to be comfortable and to cover my bottom properly, so I go for styles that sit snugly over my belly rather than under it; thongs are a definite no no for me! Despite having many pairs of knickers to choose from, I tend to go for the Marks and Spencer plain black cotton knickers on most days. I have a number of matching bras and knickers, yet I don’t often wear the matching knickers as I have a mindset that says they must be kept for special occasions. This means that the bras are regularly worn, but the posh knickers stay buried under the everyday underwear. As this has been the way for many years, I have several pairs of knickers that were part of matching sets where I no longer have the bras. I guess the special occasions that I referred to above are when S and I have a sex date planned; however, he is not really interested in admiring the underwear I am wearing and wants to remove it as quickly as he can.   I have now started making a conscious effort to wear the matching sets more frequently for everyday wear, so I can enjoy them and feel good underneath my clothes.

Going out commando is something that I like to do, and I find it quite a thrill. I only do this if I am wearing a skirt or dress, which is more likely to be during spring and summer.

A couple of years ago, I decided to try selling my worn knickers online.  This was a subject that I had mixed feelings about, as I found it both intriguing and distasteful. My distaste was not at the fetish itself nor anyone buying or selling, but at the thought of a guy sniffing and wanking over my own worn knickers. This prospect filled me with acute shame and embarrassment. So, I decided to combat my fear and joined Panty Trust, which is a website that  provides a supportive,  safe and secure environment for members to promote and sell their used knickers and other fetish items. You can read more about my experience of selling worn knickers here.  And, the Marks and Spencer plain black cotton knickers were the most popular with purchasers, too!

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