Revealing All

Have you ever played any game, e.g strip poker, where removing clothes was a forfeit for losing? How far did you take it? Did you deliberately play to lose?

I can honestly say that I have never played a game such as strip poker.

Have you ever danced naked in front of anyone? What prompted the experience?

See next answer.

Have you ever given a partner (or someone else) a private dance? Has someone ever done so for you?

I’m starting to feel that I am an incredibly dull person, as I have never danced naked in front of anyone. I have learned to be more comfortable being naked in front of people, but dancing is another matter altogether. Graceful is not a term that I would to describe myself, and I know I would feel very self conscious and look very clumsy trying to gyrate in a sexy fashion while naked or clothed! The image of the dancing hippo from Fantasia sums up how I see myself!

Dancing Hippo from Walt Disney’s Fantasia

Have or would you ever perform a lap dance/striptease for a complete stranger?

The same answer applies here as above. But, bizarrely, one of my life goals is to learn to pole dance. If I ever have enough spare money, I will pay for private tuition. And maybe this may give me more confidence to dance naked!

Would you consider, or have you ever, accepted payment to remove your clothes?

I share tasteful nude images on this blog and Twitter. I do this because I want to  as it boosts my body confidence and self esteem.  No one has ever asked me to provide private images in return for payment; however, I will certainly give this serious consideration should it ever arise…

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