Why I Prefer Daytime Sex

Food for Thought Friday and Kink of The Week are both asking about preferences for time of day for having sex.

I’m not a night owl and, quite frankly, am not good for much at all in the evenings. I’m definitely an early bird, and am always at my best and most productive during the mornings; this has been the case since early adulthood. I tend to wake anywhere between 5am and 6am, depending on the time of year and the quality of the sleep I have had during the night. I usually go to bed at around 11pm, but ideally I would prefer to be asleep an hour earlier. S is the opposite to me, preferring to go to bed in the early hours, and often sleeping until 10am or later.

S and I don’t live together, so actually sleeping in the same bed for a whole night, although a fairly regular occurrence, is not the norm. If we do spend the night together, we usually go to bed at around 9pm, so we can maximise our time between the sheets. We do often have sex when we go to bed, but we also just like to have a cuddle, too, which sees me falling asleep first with his cuddly body pressed against me.  Invariably, I wake early, and occupy myself by snuggling up to S, and fondling his sleepy cock. Sometimes, this turns into a blowjob, which is a very pleasant way to be woken in the morning. I tend not to seek pleasure for myself when he wakes up, as by then I have been awake for a while, and it is usually time for us to get on the move.  If we slept together every night and time wasn’t a factor, I would probably frequently initiate morning sex.

Due to the nature of our working lives and our preferences for waking and going to bed, most of our sex takes place during late morning and the afternoon. This suits us both as we are fresh and alert to enjoy, and make the most of, our time together. We aren’t usually on a time limit, so our pleasure is prolonged over several hours, which makes it particularly special. Sometimes, this is in a hotel room that is booked for the day, which feels  decadent and gives the encounter a certain frisson of excitement.

hotel room bed after sexy threesome

Having sex late at night isn’t something I particularly enjoy as I’m not too keen on being touched when I’m tired. I would happily give S some pleasure, but being stimulated when I feel shattered  becomes a chore rather than enjoyable. Although, I have always had a fancy to be woken up during the night by a hard cock demanding to fuck me. But, as far as I can recall,  that has never happened, and I don’t think that it is likely to happen any time soon!


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