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A quality, powerful, sexy aftershave or cologne is a huge turn-on for me, and is one of my favourite scents.

One of my early blog posts was entitled ‘A Few Things I find Sexy In Men‘. I love to have a guy pass by and leave a trail  of lingering, musky sexiness.  I definitely feel some sexual arousal when I smell certain men’s fragrances, so maybe there is something in the ingredients that is an aphrodisiac. And that is exactly what is supposed to happen if we are to believe the advertising for this type of product!  I can’t quote any favourite brands as I am a bit out of touch with men’s fragrances, but who can forget the mighty Kouros, the scent of Friday and Saturday nights in late-eighties and early-nineties town centre pubs?!

I have never heard of Mr J, but the ad proves my point

I wonder whether fewer men are wearing colognes and aftershaves these days, as I rarely seem to get caught in clouds of cologne any more. Sadly, my lover doesn’t use aftershave or cologne, so he is missing out on heaps of extra passion!

One constant throughout my life has been my love of perfume. Irrespective of my financial situation, I ensured I always had some quality perfume. As I’m writing this, I realise that this is a form of self-care, but I’ve never considered it in that way before.

My favourite perfume is J’Adore by Christian Dior. I have worn this fragrance for many years now, and never leave home without a  spritz or two.  Previously, I tended to change fragrances quite regularly and often had a few in use at the same time.

My first perfume was Anais Anais, which was popular among teenagers in the eighties. I then moved on to Le Jardin. After that came many other fragrances including, Lou Lou, Poison, Dolce Vita, Aromatics Elixir, Eternity and Hugo Woman. Writing this post has bought back many memories of occasions and times in my life when I wore those perfumes.   When I was around 20, I remember making a special trip to Birmingham to visit a big department store to buy a bottle of Eternity as it was only available in a few stores. I recall that it cost me £50, which back in the late eighties was a lot of money, especially when I didn’t earn very much. But, to me, it was a luxury that I didn’t mind saving for and splashing out on.

The scent of an old-fashioned pharmacy/chemist is one that I associate with childhood  and visits there with my mum. I also associate the gorgeous scent of Bronnley lemon soap with those visits. I’m still a lover of the zesty scent of lemon today.

Bronnley Lemon Soap

Washing powder and fabric softener are scents that I find very comforting and soothing. When doing the washing, I always use more powder/softener than needed, so everything has an extra dose of freshness. When out and about, I love to get a waft of fresh, clean washing, either from washing out to dry in gardens, or from people walking by wearing freshly-washed clothes.

A smell I cannot abide is that from any type of smoking. I detest smoking, and I get very angry when I end up in clouds of other people’s smoke, particularly those that insist on smoking in doorways or right outside entrances to public places.


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