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As a longstanding Doxy enthusiast, I am very attached to my  purple  original Doxy massager.  Over the years, it has given a huge amount of fun and numerous toe-curling orgasms to both me and my lover, but I will admit that occasionally I found it a bit cumbersome and noisy. Nevertheless, those issues were a small price to pay for the pleasure that the original Doxy delivered. However, things were about to ramp up a notch when I received the perfect Christmas gift from someone who obviously knows me very well. I had seen a couple of tweets to the effect that Doxy were releasing a new model, but I hadn’t really taken much notice. When I was given a long, thin wrapped box prior to Christmas, I guessed it contained a sex toy, and suspected (hoped) it was the Doxy 3.

doxy 3 doxy 3


The Doxy 3 is presented in a sturdy white cardboard box, with a lift-off lid that is embossed with the Doxy logo. The box slips into an outer cardboard sleeve that features an image of the Doxy 3, along with some essential product information. The whole package is shrink-wrapped in plastic, so you can be certain it has not been used or tampered with.

Inside the box, the Doxy 3 sits proudly in a black insert along with a small product information card.

doxy 3



The Doxy 3 is cool and classy, with its elegant brushed silver aluminium/titanium alloy body and black silicone detachable head. It has an air of sophistication about it whereas the original Doxy massager shouts fun with its bright and colourful body. I understand that the Doxy 3 is based on the Doxy die cast, and although I have never used a die cast, I did pick one up in a sex shop, and it is considerably heavier.

doxy 3

One of the main differences between the Doxy 3 and the original Doxy is the size. Doxy 3 is smaller and lighter, which is obviously far more practical. The Doxy website states that it is 28 cm long and 350g.


The Doxy 3 is mains powered and has a 3-metre power cable, which is a perfect length, and means there is plenty of leeway if the nearest power socket is a bit of a stretch.


The Doxy 3 has three control buttons:

  • On/off
  • Plus (increase speed)
  • Minus (reduce speed).

When the Doxy 3 is powered up, the buttons are backlit with funky blue LEDs.

doxy 3

There are five speed settings, all of which are incredibly powerful, delivering deep, rumbling vibrations. Apparently, the speeds range from approximately 3000 rpm to 9000 rpm. Once powered up, the Doxy 3 defaults to the last setting used. With most toys, I usually need to go for the highest setting in order to achieve an orgasm. Not so with this shiny silver star. The lowest setting is powerful enough to bring me to orgasm within a minute or so. I don’t even have to be in the mood – Doxy 3 doesn’t care – it charges right in and forces an orgasm out of me.  If I want a further orgasm, I can then work up through the other settings, which is hard to resist with the amazing sensations that the Doxy 3 creates. Doxy 3 has a magical ability to make me orgasm over and over – 13 orgasms in an hour has been the most so far.

doxy 3

doxy 3

There is also a variable escalating pulse setting, which is activated by holding the power button down for three seconds before releasing. The plus and minus buttons control the speed.

Although the original Doxy wasn’t backwards in coming forwards in producing orgasms, I did find that the intensity of the large head often made my clit a bit over-sensitive.

The smaller head makes it easier to focus vibrations exactly where you want them for the ultimate orgasmic Doxy experience’.

This assertion from the Doxy website is spot on. If I am particularly aroused, I use the head of my Doxy 3 directly on my clit; if I need a bit of coaxing then holding the head to the side of my clit certainly gets me in the mood. To be honest, the Doxy 3 literally makes me a dripping mess however I use it, so I think it’s safe to say that, for me, the Doxy 3 is a winner.

I rarely use lube. But, as the head of the Doxy 3 is body-safe silicone, a water-based lube is the one to use if required. The Doxy 3 is also free from phthalates.

Doxy 3 is considerably quieter than its companion, the original Doxy. On the highest setting, I could just about hear the Doxy 3 through my closed bedroom door.

The Doxy website refers to the Doxy 3 as a ‘powerful body massager to stimulate, relax muscles and relieve aches and pain’. To be blunt, I have never used the Doxy 3 or the original Doxy for anything other than sexual  stimulation. So, for the sake of completeness for this review, I asked my partner to massage my back with it. It did give a satisfying and deep massage, but I do prefer it for intimate use…


Another feather in the cap of the Doxy 3 is that the silicone cap screws off for easy cleaning. But, do ensure that the cap is screwed on tightly after cleaning. I either use anti-bacterial sex toy cleaner or soap and water to clean the head of the Doxy 3.

dpxy 3

doxy 3


Although I am in love with my Doxy 3, it has not been a perfect partnership. The first time that I switched my new Doxy on, the body vibrated uncontrollably – so much that I could not hold it. It ran normally after switching it off and on again, and I put it down to ‘wearing it in’. However, the uncontrollable vibrating subsequently happened randomly on several occasions.

Doxy exchanged the faulty Doxy 3, but I have since realised that the new one occasionally experiences some uncontrollable vibrating, too. I have discovered that the excess vibrating stops if I grip the body very hard.  I understand from reading reviews of the Doxy 3 that problems such as the above are not uncommon. However, the Doxy 3 is still my current favourite  sex toy.


Despite the technical problems I have experienced with the Doxy 3, I am still deeply in love with it and see it as my new best friend.  The orgasms delivered by the Doxy 3 set my clit on fire and are like no others I have experienced. Life really would not be the same without it.


  • Compact
  • Lightweight
  • Removable silicone head , which is easy to clean
  • Delivers mind-blowing orgasms
  • Beautifully designed
  • Mains powered with long lead


  • Known technical issues


You can find out more about, or purchase, the Doxy 3 from Lovehoney.

This review contains affiliate links.  If you click on a link and  subsequently make a purchase, I receive a small  commission payment from the retailer – this is at no cost to you.  This small payment helps towards the running costs of this blog.

I have written this review as part of the Summer 100 Sex Bloggers Challenge. I was delighted to find that Victoria and Isabelle both have an interest in Doxy wands, too!


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