Why I Take Sexy Selfies

This week, Food 4 Thought Friday wants to know about why we take sexy selfies.  This was a subject that featured in one of my first blog posts in early 2015,  and received a lot of interest and support.  What I wrote three years ago still applies today, so I have copied the text and added an update at the end.


So, why do I choose to post ‘sexy selfies’ and show my boobs and bum on Twitter?  Well, there are two reasons: first, it has helped to improve my body confidence enormously and, secondly, to be frank, I enjoy doing it. I have never been a ‘skinny chick’. Far from it. But I never thought of my body in a positive way as being voluptuous or curvaceous; only in a negative way as fat, plump, overweight or one of the multitude of other derogatory terms used in society.

I was always ashamed of myself for not having a flat stomach and felt I had to profusely apologise to boyfriends who saw me naked for the first time. In the workplace, I was generally more rotund than the other girls of my peer group and I carefully avoided the ‘how much do you weigh?’ discussions that inevitably occur in office chit-chat. Even my mum reinforced the belief that I was fat by frequently telling me that I would do well as a belly dancer as my belly wobbled so much! I had to conclude that having a washboard stomach seemed to be the most important life goal for the majority of women, but I knew that was never going to be a possibility for me.  Consequently, I never really believed that ‘larger’ women could be considered as desirable and attractive. A belief I held until last year.

Since around the age of around 18, I have had a bit of an exhibitionist streak, which has rarely been allowed to surface, due to my poor body confidence and less-than-enthusiastic partners. Having reached a point last year, where it was time to push a few boundaries, I decided to find out for myself if anyone really did embrace the ‘curvier’ figure and would genuinely find my body shape and size attractive. At the same time, it would give me an opportunity to explore my exhibitionist side.

I set about with my long-suffering iPad and experimented, over several days, with various images, finally deciding that a black and white filter was kinder to the flesh, which also gave me a bit more confidence that I might look marginally attractive. It took an awful lot of courage to post the first few pictures on Twitter. They didn’t get much response, as I had very few followers, but that wasn’t important. What mattered to me was that I had gained the courage to show a body that I was fundamentally ashamed of.

sexy selfies

I pushed myself to post a picture nearly every day and I quickly began to get some wonderful comments from people; many of whom are still loyal followers nearly 12 months on. Those pictures were, and always will be, tasteful, and hopefully are considered as erotic by some. I enjoy taking the photos and I try to be creative and vary the images.

I don’t post photos as regularly as I used to but, when I do, I am still delighted by all the positive comments I receive. Reading them brings a smile to my face, and I try to reply to each one.  I don’t think I have ever received a negative or nasty comment, but I know that others have and it truly saddens me that a few narrow-minded people feel curvy women should stay covered up. Voluptuous and curvaceous is sexy and curves really do rock! Andy my body confidence is vastly improved!


Since I wrote the above post, my confidence has dramatically increased, and I have become more adventurous in my photos.  I do now occasionally take part in memes such as Sinful Sunday, Boobday and Scavenger Hunt. This year also saw me take part in FebPhotoFest.

sexy selfies

As I mentioned above, I used to try to post an image each day to Twitter, but I no longer do this, and my images tend to be now only shared via this blog.  And my Twitter popularity rapidly  diminished  when the daily photo stopped!

S and I both enjoy taking erotic photos outdoors, but our planned photo shoots usually end up getting postponed due to life getting in the way.

I have been participating in the Summer 100 challenge, and the topic of body confidence and taking selfies has been eloquently discussed by fellow participant, Witch of the Wands.  As many of you already know, May  regularly posts amazing erotic photos.

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