Why I Don’t Write Erotic Fiction

Ever since I was small, I have been a voracious reader and could usually be found with my head in a book; my love of books has featured previously on my blog.  As I got older, like most young people, I eagerly hunted out the sex scenes in a novel, and looked forward to the day when I, too, would be able to have perfect sex and feel the earth move, as books so often depict. Novels by Jilly Cooper and Jackie Collins spring to mind as the type of book that gripped my attention from the age of around 15 to 20. I also remember reading Danielle Steel books from the age of 13. Once I got beyond the age of 20, my reading preferences matured and I developed a wider taste in authors and genres.

As far as I can recall, I didn’t buy any books that were specifically erotic in nature until I was in my early thirties.  My first purchase was from Amazon, which hadn’t long been trading, and consisted of a book of erotic short stories and a full-length  book.  I found the short stories to be mildly arousing, but the longer book didn’t hold my attention and I never finished it.

The ‘Fifty Shades’ books have never appealed to me in any way, as the subject is not my thing, plus the sheer size of the nooks is off-putting. I have learned that if I want a thrill from reading erotica, it needs to be short and to the point. And, of course, contain material that I find sexually arousing.

My thirties also saw me buy two books by Nancy Friday called ‘Women on Top’ and ‘Men in Love’.  These books certainly did keep my attention, as they recount men and women’s fantasies, which I could certainly relate to. I also bought a book containing confessions from swingers.  All three of these books had me hooked as they are factual rather than fiction, which is what holds my attention in reading about sex.

 erotic fiction

erotic fiction

 The idea of writing erotic fiction myself makes me feel awkward and embarrassed, which is bizarre as I don’t hesitate in writing factually about my own experiences and opinions on sexual matters. All of the experiences and opinions that I have written  on this blog are true. I never embellish any post, and wouldn’t feel comfortable writing in any other way.

My feelings may  partly be due to lack of confidence in my own ability, but I know they are primarily due to being conscious that people who know me on Twitter or from this blog will know what lurks in my imagination. But I am confident to write about my threesome experiences…  It’s a ridiculous fear, I know!

About nine years ago I wrote an erotic short story, which I submitted to Scarlet magazine – they invited readers to submit their own stories for inclusion in the magazine. This was done completely anonymously, so although I felt nervous in submitting my story, I knew that I was just a name on a page. However, I never heard any more, which I expected, and shortly after I submitted the story, the magazine went out of production. This was a shame as it was one of the few erotic magazines specifically aimed at women.

I don’t tend to read much erotic fiction, but the Smut Marathon has provided some excellent stories.  May is proving to be a very talented writer, and I have enjoyed her recent serial entitled ‘The Curse’. Isabelle is also an outstanding writer and her tale of a holiday threesome is a scorcher!   And, not forgetting the master of erotic fiction, E T Costello!

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