A Sexual Performance

The question posed by Food 4 Thought Friday this week is:


Generally speaking, sex, whether it be on your own or with a partner is something that is done in private; where the only people who know what is going on are the participants. That isn’t always the case however; some of us have a bit of an exhibitionist streak in us.

So, this week we are interested in the idea of sex/masturbation as a performance, and what we want to know is, if either in person, or by some form of video chat (e.g. Skype):


Have you ever let your partner watch you masturbate? Has your partner ever let you watch them?

Before I met my lover, no one had ever asked to watch me masturbate and, to be honest, I don’t think I would have had the confidence to perform in front of anyone.

Krystle enjoys masturbating next to her sleeping husband, but loves the thrill of knowing he could wake at any moment.

We introduced sex toys into our relationship fairly quickly and, although I initially felt a little awkward, I soon forgot any embarrassment when I saw how much S enjoyed watching me.

However, me watching him masturbate is a different story. I tell him on a regular basis that I want to watch, but each time I mention it I am told ‘you do it much better than me’. In fact, only yesterday, I insisted that he would have to pleasure himself, and I wasn’t going to do it for him. And, I was right … I did find it a massive turn on. I’m not alone here, as Isabelle  also enjoys watching her husband masturbate.

I have also shared masturbation with someone from Twitter via Skype, which was a fun and interesting experience!

Have you ever let your partner watch you have sex with someone else? Has your partner ever watched you have sex with someone else?

Early on in our relationship, S let me know that he was keen to watch me have sex with other men. Obviously, it would have been rude of me to disappoint him in this respect, so I took up this challenge with much enthusiasm.

We have had a few interesting encounters, with the most memorable being the GP. We have also had meetings with the Artist and the Photographer.

Life being busy and throwing curved balls has meant that plans for entertaining others have been put to one side so far this year, but it’s only July and I still plan to fulfil my obligations….

Have you ever deliberately let someone other than you partner watch you have sex?

We have visited a couple of swingers’ clubs a number of times and, on one of the visits, we engaged in various sexual acts in the couples’ room. The couples’ room has a viewing area attached to it, in which there were several men showing their appreciation of our little show. I wrote in much more detail about this visit here.

Free-Photos / Pixabay

Not counting film/TV, have you watched another person (other than your partner) masturbate or have sex? Did they know they were being watched?

We also attended a greedy girls’ event at the swingers’ club mentioned above.  Just before we left to go home, we observed quite a surreal scene in the couples’ room, which involved several men standing around the bed wanking alongside each other. They were all intently watching two ladies being fucked by other guys. Presumably, some of the guys were waiting their turn, and some were happy to pleasure themselves. Read more about this visit here.

a sexual performance

It’s interesting that I found neither of the occasions in the swingers’ club to be arousing in any way.

I do have an exhibitionist side, but I need to feel comfortable for it to be released. For me, I think a bit more privacy is needed. Being on public display made me feel vulnerable, and I would have liked to see who was watching me, and perhaps watched what they were doing … Being in a private room and having some degree of control would have made me feel more comfortable.  But, both of these occasions were some time ago now, so maybe I might feel differently if there is another visit some time…

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