Share  Our Shit Saturday #2

This is my second #SoSS post, and for those that may not know, #SoSS – Share  Our Shit Saturday is a meme for promoting and sharing sex positive content, and for supporting other sex bloggers.  This united front is particularly important, especially when social media insists on censoring sex-positive material.

Summer 100

As I have mentioned previously, I am participating in the Summer 100 sex bloggers’ challenge. There are several talented bloggers participating, and  I have picked a few posts to share here, but there are many more to read and enjoy. Isabelle has kindly created a list of the qualifying posts for round one. The theme of the first round was masturbation, self care and self pleasure. The second round commences on 16th June with a theme of oral sex, which will no doubt produce some thought-provoking posts.

You can also use the #summer100 on Twitter to find the latest content.


Krystle In Bed – Pampering Your Vagina With a Herbal V-Steam

Krystle has written a fabulous post about the wonders of a herbal v-steam, which is also known as a facial for the vagina. I had never heard of anything like this before, so I was fascinated to read of her very interesting experience.

Leila Loren – Masturbation Shame

This is a post I can definitely relate to as, I, too, have only found the confidence to be open and speak confidently about sexual matters in the last few years.

E T Costello

I can’t pick a favourite post from E T Costello as they’re all pretty spectacular. So, my advice is read them all!

sex - self-hosted

Other Words

This week, I am highlighting a few fiction posts that I have read and particularity enjoyed.

Makred – Nero Speaks

“after 15 years of marriage, it seemed like they were just ‘companions’ – housemates sharing a home but living separate lives.”

This excerpt will, no doubt, be familiar to many married people, and this tale is a stark reminder of the importance of keeping the passion alive. Look out for the twist at the end…

Sunset – Brigit Writes

This is a touching tale of love, passion and desire in a relationship that has lasted forty years. It is incredibly touching, yet erotic too. And, it bought a tear to my eye.

Take A Seat – Molly Moore

This is a hot scenario of a steamy encounter between a boss and secretary. All is not as it seems, though, so look our for the twist at the end.


Naked Swimming – Daylia Catt

I love to be naked outside, but I have yet to experience  the wonders of swimming in the nude. This beautiful black and white image has certainly whetted my appetite for a naked swim even more.

Hanging Out – Exposing 40

Exposing 40 is an incredibly talented photographer, and this stunning black and white image is one of her most stunning creations. It has a wonderful  retro feel to it, and a print of the image would certainly grace any wall.


I hope you enjoy the posts and images I have chosen to share here. More posts for the #summer100 can be found by clicking the sunshine image below

summer 100


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