SoSS – Share  Our Shit Saturday – #1

This is the first time that I have written a #SoSS post, and for those that may not know, #SoSS – Share  Our Shit Saturday is a meme for promoting and sharing sex positive content, and for supporting other sex bloggers.  This united front is particularly important, especially when social media insists on censoring sex-positive material.

Summer 100

As I have mentioned previously, I am participating in the Summer 100 sex bloggers challenge. There are several other bloggers taking part, and I have to say every post I have read so far has been pretty awesome.  I have picked a few posts to share here, but there are many more to read and enjoy. Isabelle has kindly created a list of the qualifying posts submitted to date. The first round has a theme of masturbation, self care and self pleasure, which continues until 15th June.

You can also use the #summer100 on Twitter to find the latest content.


May has written a hot post entitled Masturbation – When You Can’t Say No and it certainly has a sizzling ending!

Aria has provided an informative review for the Tantus Curve dildo, which is an amazing deep purple colour and perfect for g spot stimulation. And, apparently, it is an ideal toy for  travelling, too!

Isabelle discusses the dynamic between herself and her husband, and explains why monogamy works so well for them in I Love Being Monogamous.

Witch of the Wands shares a moving experience of the night her neighbour’s house caught fire, and how close proximity to such a traumatic event understandably affected her ability to find pleasure in life.   Finding Pleasure After Non-Sexual Trauma

Victoria poses the question Does “too much” Masturbation Make Me Less Sensitive?  after 30 days of  daily masturbation. I won’t reveal the outcome here, so go and read this fabulous post.

sex - self-hosted

Other Words

Violet has written It’s Always The Right Time To Use The Good Plates. This post certainly resonates with me… As well as pretty plates that are stored away, I have lots of dresses I rarely wear.  I tend to wear jeans most of the time, and I think the dresses need to be ‘kept for best’. I only bought two more summer dresses a couple of weeks ago and they still have the tags on…


I absolutely adore rhinos and I love the Scavenger Hunt, so this cheeky Rhinoceros picture from Molly is perfect on both counts.

Kilted Wookie is always very imaginative, not to mention sexy, in his images, and I particularly like this Sinful Sunday image Looking Up.  I’m sure you’ll agree it is a very pleasant view.

Each time I see photos posted by Modesty Ablaze, I can’t help but smile. Her images are always filled with lots of cheeky fun, and she is incredibly supportive of other bloggers too. A Modest Squeeze is the her latest lovely image for Boobday.


I hope you enjoy the posts and images I have chosen to share here. More posts for the #summer100 can be found by clicking the sunshine image below

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