Naked Underneath

This Sinful Sunday post is a bit of a mixed bag. First, I was unable to do the images that I had planned for the ‘Underneath’ prompt, due to becoming unwell on Friday.

The images I have posted are from a recent trip to take Scavenger Hunt images. I decided to use these images for the ‘Underneath’ prompt as I am revealing what’s underneath my coat. I am standing next to a bridge under an active railway line in a beautiful, secluded location in West Yorkshire.


naked underneath




Naked underneath


naked underneath

I hadn’t planned to link this post to the Summer 100 meme that I am taking part in, nor had I planned to write many words to accompany the images. In fact, this morning I decided I wasn’t going to bother at all; I didn’t have the images I had planned, I was still in pain, and I was not feeling at all positive about my body. However, I saw that May had linked her Sinful Sunday to the Sumner 100 meme, which has provided motivated me and provided the perfect way to link in. Thank you, May.

I’m not that thrilled with the images I have used. I have had to blur my face out, which makes the images took clumsy.  I haven’t edited them to improve the way they look. I couldn’t really crop the images horizontally to remove my face, as it wouldn’t be obvious I was by a railway bridge. One of my stocking tops has rolled over. And, I’m not feeling that positive about my body. My lack of positivity is why I have forced myself to post these images today.

I lost some weight a couple of years ago by following a low carb diet. After six months, my enthusiasm for not having bread, pasta and rice dwindled, and I started eating normally again, but always healthily. I subsequently started to gain weight. As visitors to this blog and my Twitter account know, I do regularly post tasteful nude images of myself that show my wobbly belly. And, I must say here that I receive many kind comments for which I am truly grateful.

I try to remain positive about my body – I walk a minimum of 10k steps every day. I eat healthily, yet I know I am way too plump around the middle. So, a month ago, I decided to try the low carb way of eating again.

The reason I feel unwell is, I think, down to the change in diet. A problem I occasionally suffer with has flared up quite nastily and ties in with my altered eating habits. It has affected me physically and made me feel very low.

But, I have lost five pounds in weight since these images were taken and, although it is not very obvious, I am still delighted by this.

So, I am sharing these not-so-brilliant images as a reminder to myself that even though I am flabby around the middle, I can still look sexy and, more importantly, I should not be ashamed of what I see. To finish off, I want to add this wonderful quote  from Carly at DildoOrDildont

‘we need to be reminding everyone that fat is beautiful’

And, I have completed a hat trick of memes too…

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