Selling Worn Knickers

Selling worn knickers is a subject that I have been planning to blog about for some time. However, I have been avoiding it as I felt uncomfortable about confessing that I have sold my used pants online.

During my four  years on Twitter, I  have frequently seen much discussion about selling worn knickers. This was a subject I used to have mixed feelings about; I found the idea of selling worn knickers slightly distasteful, but I was also intrigued.  My distaste was not at the fetish itself nor anyone buying or selling, but at the thought of a guy sniffing and wanking over my own worn knickers. This prospect filled me with acute shame and embarrassment.  Conversely, I was also weirdly fascinated that sniffing and wanking on a lady’s knickers turned a guy on. Previous life experience had conditioned me to think that the scent of my pussy was unpleasant, and to be avoided.

The only way to combat a fear is to face it. So, after discussing the idea with a Twitter friend, I decided to have a go at selling my used knickers.

After numerous Google searches, I found a website for an organisation called the Panty Trust. The Panty Trust provides a supportive,  safe and secure environment for members to promote and sell their used knickers and other fetish items. Each member undergoes a rigorous verification process and pays a fee to join. Purchasers get the reassurance that they are buying from genuine and trustworthy sellers.

This sounded like an ideal way to start selling, so I nervously contacted the Panty Trust. I successfully passed the verification process and paid my membership fee. I decided to sell under another pseudonym as I wanted to be completely anonymous.

So, what sort of knickers was I going to sell?  I have a drawer full of knickers, most of which I didn’t want to part with other than a few pairs that I no longer wore or didn’t fit me.  I also decided to stock up with a stash of new pants just for the hordes of buyers that would shortly be coming my way. Primark was the ideal shop to find inexpensive. colourful pants in varying styles. Styles such as Brazilian or a thong, which I wouldn’t usually wear as I like to be comfortable, and not be pulling my knickers about all day long.

selling used knicers
My knickers!

My next step was to complete my profile. Although I used another pseudonym, I was honest with all the information I provided about myself. I  uploaded mages of me wearing my new knickers along with an appropriate description and price.  It wasn’t just a case of sitting back and waiting for the orders to flood in. Like any business, I had to promote myself, and, yes, I did have a Twitter account for this.

I received several emails  fairly quickly, but they were all from time-wasters making spurious enquiries. I soon learned how to recognise if someone was wasting my time. Many enquirers try and get items for free, which is an appalling and disgraceful practice. If you are a guy reading this who tries to get knickers for free, or never intends to buy, but gets a kick out of emailing women to waste their time – then please remember that this is a proper business and women devote huge amounts of their time and effort to fulfil your fetish. Don’t waste their time if you are not serious!

After three months, I still hadn’t made a sale, so decided to list my everyday, plain black M&S pants just to see if they got any interest. They did – I immediately had two guys wanting my beloved M&S comfies. Thankfully, I had multiple pairs.  Both guys were incredibly pleasant and respectful, and were happy to pay the price I wanted.  And incredulously they were both delighted with their purchases! They loved my knickers, and I received very complimentary emails from both, which was heart-warming.

I was a member of the Panty Trust for around five months. During that period, I did spend quite a bit of time on promotion, but only sold two pairs. My membership was terminated by the Panty Trust as I failed to respond to an important email regarding a change to the terms of membership. It was my oversight and all members were warned of the consequences if they failed to respond. I was told I could rejoin but would have to go through the verification procedure again, and obviously pay a further fee. I decided not to bother.  That was purely because I couldn’t devote enough time to marketing to make a proper success of selling.  However, I have nothing but praise for the Panty Trust and its amazing and supportive community of women.

So, back to the reasons I decided to sell my used knickers.  I have learned that the scent of my pussy is not repulsive. And buying used knickers is a big fetish for guys.

Would I continue selling worn knickers?  Probably not. Selling two pairs of knickers was a small result for a lot of effort over five months.   I like to get different life experiences, and this was something that I saw as a challenge. However, the thought of anyone buying my used knickers who knows me as Miss Scarlet makes me quite red-faced!  But never say never!

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