My Good Points

As humans, we find it far too easy to concentrate on our imperfections; those bits of us that are too big, too small, stick out too much or, don’t stick out far enough. As a species, we seem to take a perverse kind of pleasure about making ourselves feel bad about ourselves.

In an attempt to redress the balance, even just a little, this week we are focussing on our good bits.

Throughout my life, I have had very little self-confidence. I have always been, and still am, filled with self-doubt. That extends to confidence surrounding my body, too.  Creating my alter ego, Miss Scarlet, and subsequently this blog, was a positive move to try and help improve my body confidence.

What bit (or bits) of your body do you like (or at the very least, don’t feel too negatively inclined toward)? Why do you feel that way?

My hair is a feature of my body that I am very happy with due to it being naturally very straight and thick.   When I was much younger, I wanted all manner of way-out styles – all of which were impossible to achieve as any attempt to curl my hair would last about a minute before it pinged back to being poker-straight.  Nowadays, I feel very blessed to have such thick, straight hair and am acutely aware that many people spend ages each morning trying to straighten their hair!

My hair  is cut in a bob, which is a style that suits the shape of my face. I am lucky in that I don’t have to blow-dry it into shape – I can just wash it and leave it to dry naturally, and it will fall into style. I can honestly say that bed-hair is something I have never experienced, and in the morning my hair generally looks the same as when I went to bed.  The colour of my hair is naturally black, which I adore, although it needs a bit of assistance with that these days…

My smile is another part of me that I like.  I like smiling at people and find that people generally smile back, which makes the world a more pleasant place to be in.

My boobs are one of the parts of my body that I am satisfied with – for their appearance and the pleasure that they bring. I am quite happy with the cup size, although I often think that my boobs look bigger than they really are.  Their size has fluctuated through the passage of time as I have aged and gained weight. Although I would like to lose some weight, with that would likely come a reduction in cup size, and I definitely don’t want that!  I discussed my boobs in a previous Food For Thought Friday post.

I also quite like my bum. It’s far from perfect and has some cellulite, but I feel it’s in proportion with the rest of my body.

What bits of you have others (friends, partners, etc.) told you they liked? Did they tell you why they liked them?

The bits of me that I have been complimented on are the same bits that I like: hair, smile, boobs and bum!

My good points
Boobs, hair and smile!

The dark colour of my hair is what stands out, particularly as I have pale skin. My hair tends to be the first thing that people notice about me, and I have received many compliments over the years.  Even at an all-girls secondary school, my classnates used to compliment me on my hair.

People have often complimented me on my smile, particularly on Twitter through the photos I share. I can look quite serious if I’m not smiling, so to go from a serious face to a full-on beam is quite a contrast and generally gets noticed. Strangers have often complimented me on my smile, too.

I am well aware of the attention that having an ample bosom brings; it’s easy to notice men staring, which is natural, but this can also be a bit intimidating.

My boobs get complimented every day by my lover, S. He can’t get enough of them and frequently sits admiring them, with a goofy look on his face, which I find both amusing and endearing! My nipples are the main attraction for him, as they are very prominent and tend to stick out somewhat!  I used to be embarrassed by my nipples, usually in the workplace, and tried to hide them, but nowadays I let them do their own thing!

S compliments me on my bum, too.  His compliments make me feel desirable and wanted, which gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling.

How do you feel when someone compliments your body, particularly a bit that you yourself are less keen on?

Receiving a compliment on my body makes me smile and feel good about myself. However, although this applies to receiving compliments about my body as a whole, I do also assume people are just being kind. My belly is the cause of doubt here. I am confident to share images of my whole body on Twitter and this blog, but that doesn’t mean that I like what I see. However, when I see images of other people with similar body shapes to mine, I think how beautiful they look.  But we never see ourselves as others do.

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