Dare to Bare

The question posed this week by Food 4 Thought Friday is ‘do you dare to bare’?

Being naked outdoors is one of the best feelings ever. The feeling of warm sun streaming over your whole body is amazing. Even if the sun isn’t shining, being nude outside is still enjoyable, and the feeling of a soft breeze gently blowing over your skin is a wonderful experience. To be honest, unless it was raining heavily or bitterly cold, I would be delighted to take any opportunity to be nude outside.

Sadly, for me, the opportunities for baring all are limited. My garden is overlooked, so stripping off there is not an option.

I have, however, had the pleasure of visiting Clover Spa, in Birmingham, on several occasions. This is a wonderful clothes-free hotel and spa that offers a safe and relaxing environment in which to enjoy naturism. Read about my first visit here.

I live a long way from any nudist beaches so, although an occasional possibility, this is a limited option. My first experience of being clothes-free was many years ago when I visited a nudist beach in Menorca, which was a positive experience. My second was in the UK, at Studland in Dorset, which was not so positive.

I was on holiday in the area and had an unexpected few hours to myself. I was keen to experience a nudist beach in the UK, so decided to grab the opportunity to visit Studland. I was apprehensive about going, as I was by myself. However, I knew it was unlikely that I would get another chance for a very long time. It was mid-September and the weather on the day was grey and dull. A little chilly too, to be honest. But, I was determined to get my few hours of naturism at any price, even if that meant a few goosebumps.

The beach was fairly quiet when I arrived. The nudist section was about a 20-minute walk from the car park. At this point, I was worried about stripping off in the wrong part of the beach. I needn’t have worried as the nudist section was clearly marked and  I spotted a handful of couples and a few solitary men  spread out over the beach. But there were no women on their own – I started to feel somewhat uneasy.

Studland beach naturist warning sign

I walked to the other end of the nudist section just to make sure I hadn’t ventured back into the non-nudist bit. I decided that I had to be brave, pick my spot and strip off.  I walked back to the middle of the beach and chose a spot towards the back, by the dunes – I wanted to be inconspicuous. It was time to strip off, so I did and sat on my towel. I didn’t feel comfortable, but I was here for a new experience and didn’t want to give up. I decided that I would be less uncomfortable lying on my front, so I turned over.

After ten minutes or so, I became aware that there was an increasing number of people coming from the dunes area and walking past me. I assume I must have chosen a spot close to a shortcut to the beach from the road; I’m still not sure. I did wonder if word had got round that there was a woman by herself and everyone was coming to see for themselves. I hope that was my over-active mind!

After an hour or so, I decided to be brave and sit up. I hugged my knees to my chest to try and look unobtrusive.  A guy walked past me, and it was obvious he was trying to look at my nether regions. I promptly put my legs flat and glared at him. He made me feel like I was there to be ogled and not just to enjoy being naked on the beach.

By now the sun was shining, and the beach was starting to fill up.  I felt a little more comfortable as it got busier and more women appeared, although they were all with men.  After another half an hour, a man approached me and asked if I minded if he sat nearby. He was very polite and said he had encountered some odd people further down the beach (me too…), so had wanted to move. Maybe that was an excuse, but I didn’t see any reason to object.  He indicated a spot around 6 feet away, so I was quite happy for him to put his towel there. We chatted about naturism and life in general, He was from Belgium, and was very laid back about nudity.  I actually felt more comfortable with him nearby, and I noticed that the stream of people filing past me slowed down considerably.

After a further hour, it was time for me to think about packing my towel away and getting dressed, which was a shame as I now felt reasonably comfortable and the sunshine made for an ideal nudist environment. My new ‘friend’ suggested that rather than go, I should join him on his towel. This was definitely my cue to leave…

I was glad I pushed my boundaries and visited Studland by myself. However, I did feel uncomfortable initially, and got the feeling that a lone nude woman on a nudist beach in the UK isn’t the norm – ‘she can’t be there for the simple pleasure of enjoying being naked on a beach – she must be there because she wants attention from men’.  Which, of course, is complete rubbish. I enjoy sex and consider myself to be a sexually liberated woman. But, this has nothing to do with naturism nor being on my own on a nudist beach. Women should feel comfortable to visit a nudist beach by themselves and not be worried that men are going to harass them. Guys, please take note…

Would I visit a nudist beach by myself again?  I think it’s unlikely here in the UK.  However, I probably would in a country where views on nudity are more liberal. Perhaps I was a bit naïve thinking that other lone women would be there and being on my own would not be anything out of the ordinary.

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