Becoming Self-Hosted: Moving My Blog

It’s been three years since I set up my blog – this was my first post. However, I have been conscious for a while that the blog might get deleted at any time by WordPress due to having content of an adult nature. So, two weeks ago,  I decided to become self-hosted.  The main reason for this is that I didn’t want those memories – my writing and photos – to disappear forever.

It’s taken a huge amount of reading and many, many hours  to get the new site up and running . The transfer has been a huge learning curve, and I’ve actually found learning a bit about WordPress quite interesting. But, I know I haven’t even scratched the surface. The import of the previous posts wasn’t altogether straightforward and required several attempts. I chose a theme that used thumbnails, so I had to go through 150 posts and manually set a thumbnail for each. I did try a plugin, but it didn’t work.

I was concerned what would happen if people clicked on old links from sites like Sinful Sunday, so I’ve arranged a redirect from my old site. I’ve transferred followers and email subscribers over too.

And even at the time of posting this,  other problems keep cropping up…

sex - self-hosted

I’ve also spent a great deal of  time applying SEO though a plugin called Yoast to all of my previous content. Yoast goes in to great detail where SEO can improve and uses a traffic light system to indicate whether it;s good, OK or needs improvement. This required a lot of tinkering with every post to get the SEO to an acceptable standard. However, there’s still room for improvement. SEO was something I never gave a thought to with my previous blog; I was just delighted that the posts were read at all. The new site isn’t perfect and I consider it ongoing work in progress, but I’m now happy enough for it to be unleashed to the world!

Revisiting my previous posts has given me the opportunity to provide updates in respect of how my life has changed.  Reading the posts again was quite nostalgic and, if I’m honest, I’m quite proud of many of them. I’m delighted that my contributions to the world of sex blogging are preserved, and  no doubt I’ll be adding to my new blog soon.




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