Why I Like Older Men

Food for Thought Friday asked:

Do you have a preference when it comes to the age of your sexual partners? What is it and why do you think you have it?

Is there a limit in terms of age that you will not break? What’s too young or too old for you? Why?

When I was 19 and had not long started my first job,  I found a note under the windscreen wipers of my car, after finishing work one day.  It was from a boy who worked at the same place and he wanted to know f I would like to go out with him one night. He was 17. I was horrified. How could I go out with someone so much younger than me? I decided to give it a try as I had only had one previous boyfriend , who was four years older than me. I did see the younger guy quite a few times, but I never felt really comfortable with the age difference, which at the age of 19 seemed enormous. In reality, he was not far off 18 and I was only just 19, so the gap was not much more than a year. But that was not enough for me and I ended it and broke his teder little heart.

After that, most of the boyfriends I had were my age or up to four years older than me. I was much more comfortable with that situation and it felt it was as it should be. My husband is eight years older than me and that has always seemed like a nice-sized gap.

Since I have been exploring my sexual freedom, I have been approached by guys aged from 18 up to 75; a real spectrum of ages!  Much younger guys really seem to crave the attention of women around my age, but for me, they hold little attraction. I think it is the feeling of probably being older than their mother, which is a stumbling block for me.

the older the fiddle the sweeter the tune

I set my limit at about 40, but I probably would consider someone in their thirties.  I seem to attract, and get on well with, men in their fifties, which I am presently quite happy with and have no complaints about! I have found that men of this age are usually very passionate, but there can be the issue of things not quite functioning as they once did…!  As I have mentioned before, I do find grey hair on a man very attractive and I like men to be gentlemen and treat me as a lady;  I generally find that men within this age group do know how to behave in a gentlemanly way.  I am unlikely to consider anyone beyond this age group, as it conjures up thoughts of getting towards the same age as my dad, which again is a psychological barrier for me. Although having read of what some of these very much older men claim to be able to do….

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