Wicked Wednesday #6 Wanted…

There are so many adverts out there for so many different products, and yes, also for sex and sex products. Do you have a sexy, weird, funny or horror story to tell about adverts for anything sex-related? Come on, share your experiences!

These are examples of some noticeboard/diary messages from a website I have been observing for some time now. It is, as is glaringly obvious, a website for advertising for sexual partners. Ads for sex wanted.

The few messages I have picked are quite crude, abrupt and to the point. They are men who just want a fuck.  As a woman, you only get to see the male messages. But I assume there are equally blunt messages from women too.

This is just a example of some of the messages I have seen and not all are like these few – far from it. There are messages of varying degrees of coherence, content and from a  broad range of backgrounds and age groups But, undoubtedly, a good cross section of the male population. And, of course, they can send individual messages to others on the site as well.  I find myself weirdly fascinated by these public messages and by the different approaches in how people advertise for a sexual partner.

I am not criticising these men for their chosen way of satisfying their urges. We all think differently and want different experiences. Having a connection and chemistry with someone is of great importance to me and I would like to know something about the person I am going to have sex with. I wouldn’t be comfortable advertising for a sexual partner so bluntly, nor would I ever respond to something like this. No matter how much I wanted a Friday night shag.

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