Nipple Play: Kink of the Week #1 & Boobday #5

This is the first time I have taken part in ‘Kink of the Week’, and the subject of nipple play is a perfect subject to start with. And it coincides with Boobday too!

Having my nipples played with is one of my biggest pleasures and a guaranteed way to turn me on. My nipples are incredibly sensitive and respond very quickly to being sucked, licked, flicked, nibbled, squeezed, rubbed etc.I like a good firm touch  – no delicate and dainty stroking please. But, no hard biting or very rough pinching, either. I don’t experience pleasure from pain,  A strong and firm touch will do just fine.

I can stand any amount of nipple play as it really does drive me wild and more so when I can watch a partner flicking their tongue around my nipple or see their hands squeezing the hard pink flesh. I love to observe their enjoyment and concentration as I become more and more aroused. I have never orgasmed through nipple play alone, but I feel I come very close to it. If my clit is touched at the same time, it is absolutely mind-blowing and guaranteed to elicit a powerful orgasm. One other thing about having my nipples touched is that it makes me very wet. Incredibly so, in fact.

My nipples are usually quite prominent and I have received many comments and compliments over the years. .I was recently told ‘you have fantastic nipples and it’s obvious what they are thinking’!


I have never encountered a man who experiences the same level of arousal and enjoyment from having their nipples played with.  I would love to see a man driven crazy with pleasure from nipple play  and it seems a shame that they don’t seem to experience the level of arousal that women generally do . But, of course, that is compensated for by the enjoyment they experience from playing with women’s nipples. And, I will never complain about that!

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